Q & A with Elizabeth Uribe

                                                     The Founder of

                                          The Magic Crafty Caboose



What is the history of weighted blankets?
  •  Weighted blankets were originally created in 1998 for children with Autism to calm them. They were used during everyday activities, like going to school or putting them on when the user was in an unfamiliar/uncomfortable environment.
When did you start The Magic Crafty Caboose?
  •  In 2016, one of my close friends had a child with special needs and he was prescribed a weighted blanket. I saw first handedly how something so simple could make a huge difference in someones life. Since I was already making quilts, I had the idea to target people with special needs and make a positive impact on their lives. So for months, I did countless hours of research consulting with several doctors to include chiropractors and psychologists to allow myself to have the best product for people that needed them. I am now trying to get the word out and tell people of the great benefits these blankets have.
 What makes your weighted blankets/quilts standout from other products like this?
  •  My blankets are customized to the individual based on there needs and their diagnosed medical conditions. Each blanket is personalized down to the individual threads used. For example, 10% of the patients body weight is measured and equated to the overall blankets weight, so it takes a lot of time making sure that the weight distribution for the overall blanket is correct. Also, I can create any design or idea you can imagine!
How many blankets have you sold?
  •  I have gone out daily and have been to hundreds of shows, schools and fairs to let people know the benfits of these blankets. I have sold hundreds of blankets so far and I hope to distribute many more!
 What is the largest blanket you have made?
  • Believe it or not but there was a man that approached me while at a motorcycle show actually and he was suffering from PTSD coming back from a recent deployment. He was 6’4’’ and the blanket was 7’ long and weighed 40 pounds! 
What is the craziest design you have had to make?
  •  I made an all cotton white blanket that was 5’ long and I covered it with dozens of sewn handmade hearts. . Then, I had free hand sewed a woman standing on a complex rainbow. That blanket took over 200 hours of individual hand work to make.